Pregnant Woman’s Reaction After Hearing Negative Things About Being A Mother.

Story by Jen Guthrie


I heard it all through my first pregnancy and I hear it every day in my second.

“Just wait until you don’t sleep anymore.
Just wait until you can’t go out and have fun anymore.
Just wait until you have TWO of them.
Just wait until they don’t want to nap.
Just wait for the tantrum stage.
Just wait until they throw food.
Just wait until you have no alone time.
Just wait until they argue.

I’m flipping the script. Want to know what I think? I think the BEST thing we can do is encourage one another because mommin’ ain’t easy. So how about this?

Just wait until that little hand reaches for yours.
Just wait until you hear “mama” when they need a little snuggle in the middle of the night.
Just wait for the giggles and laughter.
Just wait for the beautiful chaos of motherhood that is such an unending blessing.
Just wait for the day when they say “I love you” back.

It’s the most beautiful “wait” you’ll ever experience so please know that everything people keep telling you to “just wait” for is actually a true blessing that God gave just to you.💕and we’ve got this. ✨

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