“Pictures I Take Of My Husband” & “Pictures My Husband Takes Of Me”.

Story by Becky Vieira

It’s fine. Like I say, if I’m murdered and Dateline does a story on me, the producers can choose between these three, lovely options.

And my driver’s license photo, where I look like a potato with hair. Oh, and then there’s that picture Archer once took of my foot.

Meanwhile, my husband is glowing in the sunshine, looking like one half of the father-son duo in the photos that come inside the picture frames when you buy them. He’s like a stock photo, whereas I’m the “before”’picture in every worst case scenario.


PS, that one on the bottom left? It’s me shoving food in my face on our honeymoon. And also the picture that appears on his phone when I call.

The bottom right photo is the time Archie pooped in swim diaper while sitting on my lap.

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