Woman’s Reply When Heard This From A Little Girl “My Mom Doesn’t Work”.

Story by Nicole Merritt

”My mom doesn’t work,” said one little girl.

I chimed in and said, “I think she might. It’s just that she works differently; like she doesn’t go into an office every day.”

“Nope. She doesn’t work.” She was adamant.

“Okay,” I responded with a smile and walked away while saying a little prayer for that mama that she feels noticed, really seen, and appreciated.

Because, well, she works. She has worked every single gosh darn day of that young girl’s life whether or not her adorably naive offspring is of the age or even willing to realize it.

She worked to have you. She worked to keep you thriving inside of her. She worked to get you out of her. She worked to keep you nourished.

She worked to keep those tears at bay. She worked to help you grow. She worked to help you crawl, then walk, and now you can run and ride a bike.

She worked to help you learn. She worked to keep you clothed and fed. She worked to keep your home tidy, welcoming, and genuinely comfortable.

She worked to get you into the best-for-you preschool. She worked to make mom friends so that you could spend time with your kid friends.

And, she still works.

Every day she works to be the best version of herself so that she can set a great example for you.

She works to keep you happy and your mind healthy. She works to make sure you get enough physical activity.

She works not to push you, but to take you just outside of your comfort zone so that you’ll experience growth.

She works to be brave so that you’ll do the same. She works to maintain the holy grail of balance between work and play for both her and yourself.

She works to help you through problems. She works through her problems, so she doesn’t take them out on you.

She works to keep her marriage afloat so that you have a visual example of what a healthy relationship should look like.

She works to ensure you have common sense. She works to makes sure that you treat those lacking it with kindness.

She works to ensure you’ll never be a bully. She works to make sure you’ll stand up against meanness of any kind. She works to make sure that you are always kind to everyone.

She works on her presence. She works on her reactions. She works on herself so that you’ll grow up well and — hopefully, because of her love, support, guidance, and example — have less work to do on yourself.

Dare I affirm that this woman works harder than most?

I do. I dare make that proclamation. 

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