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Prince Harry spent his 38th birthday grieving the demise of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

On September 15, Prince Harry turned 38, but it was an emotional and sorrowful day for the Duke of Sussex as he mourned the passing of his beloved grandmother. Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s second-longest reigning queen, died on September 8 at the age of 96 at her Scottish home.

Prince Harry had a strong relationship with the Queen, which was clear in both his homage and his body language during the funeral procession and service in Westminster Hall. The Queen’s coffin was carried from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall in a sad procession, which included Prince Harry. King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, as well as numerous of the Queen’s grandkids, including Prince William, were among those present.

Prince Harry and Prince William Walk Behind Queen Elizabeth's Coffin Procession

Princes Harry and William walk side by side in Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession.

Posted by Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, September 14, 2022

According to royal historian Jennie Bond, it was evident that Prince Harry would have a sad birthday. It’s going to be another extremely painful birthday for Harry, which will undoubtedly bring up flashbacks of when he was 13 a few weeks after his mother died, Bond said. She is  confident he’ll spend Thursday in silence.  There have been rumors that the kids may be transported over with Meghan’s mother Doria to reconnect him with them, but who knows? But you have to feel for Harry, you truly do. She is sure it’ll just be a very calm day. But then again, maybe it’ll give William and Kate pause for thought and they’ll drop by with a pizza or something!

During the Queen’s sad service in Westminster Hall, Prince Harry, too, shed a tear. The Duke of Sussex was observed wiping away tears when he became overwhelmed during the Queen’s service. Throughout the procession and service, Prince Harry was very close to his grandmother.

Prince Harry had already issued a statement remembering his grandmother, touching on his personal bereavement as well as the world’s loss of a queen. Granny, while this final parting brings them deep sorrow, he wrote on his website. He is forever thankful for all of their initial meetings — from his earliest childhood memories with her, to meeting her for the first time as my Commander-in-Chief, to the first moment she met her darling wife and hugged her beloved great-grandchildren. He treasures these days spent with her, as well as the many other great moments in between. She is  already deeply missed, not only by them, but by everyone on the planet. In terms of initial contacts, they now recognize his father in his new capacity as King Charles III. Thank you for her dedication to public service. Thank you for her wise counsel. He appreciated her contagious grin, he added. In the statement, Prince Harry also mentioned his grandpa. They , too, smile realizing that she and Grandpa are now together, and both in peace, he added.

Prince Harry even named his daughter Lilibet after the Queen. After announcing the birth of their daughter, the pair made it clear that the name was a homage to the Queen. Lili, their baby, was born on June 4th, and are overjoyed. She is more than they could have expected, and are grateful for the love and prayers they have received from all around the world, they wrote before explaining why she was given that name. Lili is named after Her Majesty The Queen’s great-grandmother, whose family nickname is Lilibet. Diana, her middle name, was selected to commemorate her late grandmother, The Princess of Wales.

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