Prosecutors Drop Case Against Woman Who Was Sentenced For Killing Man As He Raped Her.

Roxana Ruiz, 23, was convicted of murder by rapist with ‘extreme use of legal defense.

A court ordered her to pay over $16,000 in damages to the family of her assailant, and she was sentenced to six years in prison, despite the fact that the court accepted she had been raped during the event in 2021.

Protests erupted in Mexico, with individuals carrying posters saying that ‘defending my life isn’t a crime,’ claiming that the verdict criminalized victims of sexual assault.

This isn’t fair. Remember, she was the one who was sexually abused by that monster, and she died after defending herself because she didn’t want to die at his hands, Ruiz said after the court’s decision.

The outpouring of fury prompted Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to vow that he would pardon Ruiz, despite the fact that accepting a pardon would have required confessing that she committed the crime for which she was pardoned.

In a press statement released on Saturday (20 May), the prosecutor’s office said that Ruiz was ‘free from guilt’ and that she had acted in self-defense during the killing.

It implies they recognize her innocence. It’s an acknowledgement that she was merely defending herself, her lawyer, Angel Carrera, told her that the charges had been withdrawn but that he hadn’t yet been informed.

Ruiz, an indigenous woman and single mother, claimed she had received death threats as a result of the case and was concerned for the safety of her family, especially her four-year-old son.

During the trial, her defense claimed that when she returned home, Ruiz had been drinking with a friend and a guy she knew. The guy offered to walk her home and requested to spend the night at her house since it was late and he was a great distance away.

The court heard that they slept in separate beds before the guy assaulted and raped Ruiz and threatened to murder her when she fought back.

She murdered the guy in self-defense, according to the court, and he was knocked unconscious before being slain. Ruiz’s attorneys called this assertion “completely untrue,” claiming that the attacker had not been knocked unconscious.

Ruiz then took the man’s corpse out to the street, where she was apprehended by a police officer.

She informed police she had been raped, but no forensic examination was conducted, according to Carrera, who claims the cops told her she probably intended to have sex with the guy and then changed her mind.

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