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Queen Elizabeth II’s Will Determines Who Gets Her Beloved Horses, Dogs

Queen Elizabeth II is leaving behind a treasure of valuable goods, but her beloved horses and dogs are likely to be the most valued. It may take nearly a century to find out who receives them.

The Queen treasured her horses, of which she had over 100 at the time of her death. For years, she rode them with pride.

Her dogs were also everywhere throughout her rule. She owned four dogs at the time of her death: Corgis Muick and Sandy, a Dorgi named Candy, and a Cocker Spaniel.

The Queen has something in common with common folk: she has a will and testament that names selected recipients for her goods, including dogs and horses. More than 30 royals who have died have all made a will, so it’s standard procedure in England.

Who gets the animals is the question. While her will undoubtedly gives answers, it will most likely be kept secret for many years.

When her husband, Prince Philip, died last year, an English judge declared that his will would be sealed for the next 90 years.

However, certain information may be subject to public disclosure.

After Phillip died, it was revealed that he gave his carriage to his granddaughter Louise Windsor, Edward’s daughter.

There is one indication… We know Prince Andrew gave his mother two dogs last year while Prince Philip was in the hospital to cheer her up… albeit one of them died a few months later. So Andrew could get that puppy, and he’s in the running for the others as well.

Of course, there’s another method to figure out who gets the pets… just wait and watch. 

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