The Queen Wore The Same $10 Nail Polish Since 1989

Queen Elizabeth II was noted for many reasons, including her elegance under pressure, her very long reign, her family, and her class.

But one of the things that was most distinguishing about Queen Elizabeth II, particularly as she aged, was her taste of dress.

The Queen was nearly usually seen in a skirt suit or a well coordinated dress/cardigan ensemble. She wasn’t afraid to use vivid colors, and her hats were genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Although her makeup was usually understated, she wasn’t hesitant to wear a colorful lip every now and again.

Since her style hadn’t changed in years, the Queen had some very specific beauty rituals – and they worked!

The Queen was never seen without her pearl earrings, and she was never seen without her nail paint!

She exclusively wore one nail polish color for over two decades: Essie’s light pink Ballet Slippers.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the center of attention since she was a youngster.

After her father died in 1952, she ascended to the kingdom. She was then subjected to much greater public scrutiny.

Regardless of her public image, Queen Elizabeth retained her calm and elegance.

She’s also refined her style over the years: though she used to wear a lot of form-fitting gowns, she’s transitioned to structured jackets and colorful dresses as she’s gotten older.

The Queen usually wore beautiful hats that suited her clothes, in addition to her colorful jackets and skirt suits. She also never left the house without her heels on.

But what else did she never leave home without? Her nail polish

Since 1989, Queen Elizabeth has worn the same exact shade of Essie’s Ballet Slippers nail lacquer.

The Queen wore only this hue on her fingertips, which is a lovely shade of pale pink.

According to Essie’s website, the Queen’s hairdresser wrote to Essie in 1989, seeking another bottle of Ballet Slippers since that was the only color Her Majesty will wear.

The Queen, who typically wore modest cosmetics, desired to wear a tint that would keep her fingers painted without being too obvious.

The gentle tint will never clash with any of her vibrant clothes — and it’s light enough to be hidden behind her white gloves.

Why wouldn’t the elegant color be a favorite among beauty bloggers?

It’s a lovely color that even the Queen approves of!

Do you adore this hue as much as Queen Elizabeth does? Do you believe you could live for nearly 20 years wearing only this color?

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