Rejecting Hollywood Liberals, Dennis Quaid Shares The Gospel In A Song He Wrote.

At times life’s twists and turns can make you forget what’s truly important. However, your belief and faith in God will bring peace in your life. Here is an amazing story of redemption from one of the most loved Hollywood actors.

Dennis Quaid, an actor and musician who is well known for a huge variety of comedy and dramatic roles. He has absolutely charmed both on and off screen that makes him the most attractive and good leading man of his generation. However, not all know that he is a Christian.

The actor’s character in the superhit ‘I Can Only Imagine’ where he performed the role of Arthur, the rude and annoying father to Bart Millard whose bad outlook on life was changed and became soft when he discovered the grace and redemption of Jesus Christ.

This role helped his faith to be stronger for real. It allowed him to write and perform a Christian song “On My Way To Heaven” which he gifted to his mother on her 91st birthday.

His mother has been his support like a rock and a great role model with strong faith that is undeniable. He wrote it for his mother but felt it was his story. 25 years ago the song was written by him but was unable to complete it until his character in this film helped him.

In Dennis words, “What moved me about finishing it was my character of Arthur and how he found grace…. That’s the beautiful thing about the good news that Jesus was talking about.”

Dennis expressed the song is a “connection to his roots” who grew up in a Baptist church, attending Sunday school and got baptized at the age of 9 along with his brother Randy Quaid.

During his youth days there was a moment when Dennis questioned his faith. In the pages of the bible he regained it. He expressed that he went all around the word questioning ‘Who is God?’ He started becoming a seeker. From cover to cover he read the Bible. According to him, it’s simple. It’s Jesus the Christ. There is salvation and that inspired him.

Watch the video “On My Way To Heaven” where there is no doubt that Dennis truly walks his faith journey with Jesus without any shame or fear. Indeed a beautiful song.

In Hollywood it is rare to see celebrities accept their faith and talk about it openly. If you agree, do like and share.

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