Self-Proclaimed “Alpha Male” Explains How Women Are Single Because Of Feminism, Gets Destroyed In The Comments.

In a relationship a man and woman should be treated equally with love and respect. Love does not mean being bossy and treating the woman like a slave. If you are being treated like that then your man does not deserve you. Here is a self proclaimed “alpha man” who explained feminism being the reason for woman to be single got ripped off for his foolish views.

A man on TikTok with the nickname heartbreaknino617 became famous on TikTok and Twitter for all the wrong reasons. He shared a video on TikTok that was viewed 2.5M times where he explained why according to him beautiful women who show themselves as in his words “bad b*****s” are single. The man came with a simple conclusion and that is feminism.

On his page there are few videos all about teaching women to be obedient and to listen to whatever the men tell them since they provide them everything. It may be unbelievable for today’s generation to have this mindset. And if it’s some kind of a joke it definitely didn’t turn out to be funny.

He also goes on to say that women have put this wrong belief on their heads by feminism that they are Gods gift and are the best. He continued to criticise women who are not queens as they are not his mother and won’t love him unconditionally.

I think the user has lost his sense since how can you compare a romantic relationship to a relationship with parents. Using this to demoralizing a woman’s self esteem is sad and pointless.

He further continued saying that since men are the providers women should be passive and listen to what the men say since they are the dominant ones. Women should obey a man since they provide them with material things which sound like he wants the women to feel guilty. Quite manipulative!

The absurd video was ended by his pointless thoughts on women cheating and calling them problematic and unreal was also shared on Twitter by a user @princessjahadd with the caption “…this scary asf” which was viewed by 6.7M people.

However people totally disagreed with the TikToker and were confused if such men really exist in this world. Some assume he must be hurt by somebody and has a wrong interpretation of relationships. Some felt with his tone he sounded abusive.

Meanwhile some poured witty reactions as they couldn’t believe this is a real human speaking how he felt.

Watch the video and let us know your opinion on this TikToker’s speech and thoughts.

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