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Rhea, Mark Wahlberg’s Wife, Celebrates Actor-Lookalike Son Brendan’s 15th Birthday

Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg are commemorating a significant occasion for their child.

The 45-year-old mother of four, who was celebrating her son Brendan’s 15th birthday on Sunday, revealed some amusing stories about him.

“Happy Birthday Benny! The most kind hearted boy…..You’ve always been so curious and hilarious,” Durham began her tribute on Instagram.

“From dropping your pants at public parks when the urge to pee hit, to flooding our guest house bc you wanted to see what would happen if you covered the shower drain with toilet paper, to ‘hiding your Halloween candy in different spots so I wouldn’t throw it away.’ You’ve made us laugh your entire life,” she shared. “I love you baby. Love, mommy.”

Along with their son Michael, 17, and daughters Grace, 13, and Ella, 20, Wahlberg and Durham are parents.

Durham honored the “summer stuff” she and her family did together by posting pictures of her family in action on Instagram in the early days of August.

Three of her four kids could be seen in the pool in one picture, all of them gazing at their dog, who was standing outside, observing them. The most frequent participant was Grace, who might be seen paddleboarding with her dog or lounging in the stable with her horse.

Other images show Michael posing with his older sister Ella, while another shows Wahlberg adjusting Michael’s tie.

According to Wahlberg, they adore Vegas. It’s time for them to follow their interests and careers since he spent a lot of time in Los Angeles doing so.

He said that everyone has been flourishing there, it’s been great.

He expressed that the move, as Wahlberg reiterated, was made to give his kids a better life and to follow and pursue their dreams, whether it be his daughter as an equestrian, his son as a basketball player, or my younger son as a golfer. This made a lot more sense for them.

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