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Traditional wife believes that all women should stay at home and care for their husbands.

A ‘traditional wife’ who once envisioned a successful medical career has stirred some debate after sharing her opinions on marriage.

Linda Andrade, a stay-at-home wife, infuriated her fans by confessing that she had “never paid a bill in [her] life” since her husband Ricky earns all the money.

She formerly had aspirations of becoming a doctor, but she didn’t feel the need to work additional jobs since Ricky, 27, apparently earns a staggering $150,000 each month.

23-year-old Linda describes her marriage as ‘conventional’ and says all she does is take care of her husband and their house.

But Linda said that she employs a maid to perform the task, even though she claims to like doing it.

In an interview for a recent Truly’s Love Don’t Judge episode, Linda discussed her views on marriages being 50/50.

She said that she thinks that 50/50 couples in contemporary relationships are miserable. It’s not natural.

In her whole life, she has never paid a bill. She has no idea how to even pay the mortgage. Bills really don’t matter to her.

Then Linda said that she personally likes doing housework because she enjoys caring for her husband. She treats him well; she prepares his favorite meals for him and makes sure the home is tidy. The majority of the time, she employs a maid to clean.

Investing in real estate is how Ricky, a 27-year-old, earns hundreds of pounds each month.

He also has stock and cryptocurrency assets.

On social media, Linda shares extravagant details of her life as a stay-at-home wife and often faces criticism.

She justified their marriage, calling people “mean,” by stating that they’ve been together for a long time—before he’s ever had money. She is not simply trying to get him for what he’s worth.

Other people have reportedly been inspired ‘not to settle for less’ after seeing Linda and Ricky’s love in other places.

Whether Linda has a girl or not, she says she would urge her to marry a guy who can ‘take care of her’ when asked whether she would want the same for her children.

However, even Linda’s father has voiced reservations about Linda and Ricky’s marriage. It ‘did not sit well with [him]’, he acknowledged, when his daughter informed him she planned to be a stay-at-home wife.

Linda’s father advised her to return to school and to be “self-sufficient” rather than depending on her spouse.

The 23-year-old continued, however, by claiming that at the time, her schooling was not a “priority.”

To each his/her own!

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