Rob Lowe Avows Love for Wife on 31st Anniversary ⁠— She Pulled Him up from His Low in the 90S & ‘Made His World’

Rob Lowe, a popular and legendary actor in Hollywood, and his wife Sheryl Berkoff should be honored on their 31st wedding anniversary this week. When you’re married to everyone’s crush, how quickly time must pass!

The 58-year-old husband and dad of two wrote a heartfelt anniversary article in celebration of the special day, and I swear it’s worth reading.

Since the Brat Pack days, I’ve had a crush on Rob Lowe, but who hasn’t, I suppose.

His subsequent roles as the endearing Chris Traeger on the popular NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation and as Owen Stand on FOX’s 9-1-1: Lone Star helped him win over many more fans.

Rob is a heartthrob for many reasons, but the one that stands out is his commitment to his family.

Rob is the first to give his devoted wife Sheryl Berkoff and their kids credit for his motivational sober path.

In relation to Cheryl, Rob is positively OBSESSED with his wife.

As their fans may recall, the two initially got to know one another while working on Rob’s 1990 thriller, Bad Influence.

Matthew Edward Lowe, 29, and John Owen Lowe, 27, are the couple’s two sons.

The actor raved about his marriage to Sheryl earlier this year and expressed his appreciation for their long love story.

The Parks and Recreation alum at the time said that his marriage was one of life’s biggest “miracles” because “she noticed things in him that nobody had ever seen before.”

In addition to being a fantastic mom, he said, he still believes she’s the prettiest, sexiest, most gorgeous, craziest, complicated, interesting individual that he knows.

The actor is currently praising his wife on social media on their 31st wedding anniversary!

Rob posted a picture of Sheryl on the beach in black and white and said: ‘Cheers to 31 years, darling. His world is what she has created. She remains just as charming, intelligent, interesting, kind, and funny as she did so many happy years ago.’

He said, “Partners in love for life!”

Cheryl shared the same kind words as her husband on social media, writing that ‘Love is constant. Being 31 years old. Blessed and appreciative. Xoxo, happy anniversary.’ 

Nothing makes one happier than a long-lasting love tale, and these two are the masters of it!

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