Rude Man Screams At Mom For Breastfeeding At Target Until Employees Put Him In His Place

Jessie Maher was nursing her one-month-old daughter at the Target café in Connecticut when a guy began yelling at her.

“You’re nasty!” he said. “Can’t you conceal yourself? What’s the matter with you?!”

The man was so enraged, and Jessie was so astonished and terrified, that she took out her camera and began filming the altercation. The woman stated in the video that This dude is going insane and she is shaking since she is  nursing my kid.

Breastfeeding in public has been a contentious issue around the country, yet Connecticut state law and Target policy defend it.

Back at the Target café, the man remained unyielding. It didn’t take long for other customers to witness the confrontation and crowd around Jessie, providing a protective barrier between the new mom and the enraged stranger. The gallant staff then stepped in.

Jessie returned home, her emotions flowing. She took a stance and shared her video on Facebook. You’re going to witness why it went viral with three million views in only a few hours.

Watch the video and please do share.

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