Nervous Child Freezes Up During Talent Show. Crowd Hears Second Voice And Sees Mom Appear

In 2018, Rhonda Whitney was in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for her daughter’s talent event. The happy mother had pulled out her camera and began shooting as somebody else else’s daughter ascended the stage to sing her rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” It’s a beautiful song about facing misfortune without fear. But, during the performance, the girl’s stage anxiety got the best of her and she started to fully halt.

As time passed, it was evident that the quiet girl was mentally tuning out and surrendering. The stage was silent… until the audience heard another voice ring out from somewhere else.

Members in the crowd glanced around to see who the unknown guest was. They quickly recognised it was the girl’s mom, who had left her position in the audience and was making her way up to the platform.

This incredible mom then gave her daughter the boost she required. You do not want to miss it. Rhonda commented on Facebook that what her mother did made her weep, and she cried every time she watched it. The video became popular after being posted online, with millions of views.

The youngster in the video did not win the talent contest, but she and her amazing mom are suddenly online sensations.

Watch the beautiful video and share it to your loved ones.

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