TikToker Ditched by Date in Hotel Room After Flying Across the Country to Meet Him

TikToker Samantha Marie reserved a plane in a bizarre city to meet up with a man she met through a common friend she FaceTimed with.

Samantha, who posts under the handle @sdenoyer shared her strange experience with fellow user who posted a short video of her eating unaccompanied and texted that her date went to the restroom and never returned.

She followed it up with her own video where she is in couch looking at her camera lens and tells that there’s a vacant space on the couch by her.  

She said that she took a flight across the country to see her date and when she woke up at their hotel, the man was missing. She carried on to display that her hotel room is vacant and then the video cuts to a sequence of texts among her and the date.

It seems that the guy at the exposed chat says that he will let her know when he is heading back. She then carried on to tell him that it awkward that he did this to her and he should have informed her earlier so she should have booked her flight back to an earlier date.  

Samantha did not get any reply from the man for some hours and asks for him to give a call back. She went ahead to tell him that she’s puzzled and landed up in a strange city where she has never been before. She did mention that she bought her own flight and it’s discourteous of him to stop responding to her text messages.

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Some people told her in the comments segment that it does not seems fine to spend their individual money to go and see a date in a strange city.

Quite a few people stated that the man is perhaps double-crossing and was possibly with his spouse or girlfriend which is why he wasn’t answering.

Samantha wrote in the comments segment that she was left all alone and had no idea as to what was going on. She even does not understand if she did anything wrong or what his intentions was.  

In a follow-up post, Samantha clarified what transpired. She said that they met each other via a common friend online and she found the man good-looking and she loved the feelings. Subsequently, they started texting and FaceTiming.

She took a flight to see him for a couple of days but doesn’t reach to his city until midnight. She stays at his house and the following day they go out for meal and walk around town. She says that it was pleasurable for the most part and on the next day, they grew closer and decided to spend some time together at the hotel.

Just before heading out, they choose to take a doze. Man goes to the restroom and she falls asleep. When she got up, the man gone missing along with his bag and the Vodka she brought and that is when she started texting him.

The TikToker then decided to dial their common friend and he responses her call. But then the moment he understands it was her friend, he put the phone down seemingly for the reason that he didn’t have her number saved.

Immediately after that phone call that he texted Samantha saying he had a family urgency that he needed to attend to. This however, does not make any sense as why would he take Vodka to a family urgency. It was a huge loss for her and she eventually taken a cab to go back to the airport and the man did not text her back.

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