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‘Rude’ Note About Child’s Birthday Party In Public Park Sparks Anger. Is It Unreasonable.

A statement placed on a public park bench on a busy weekend in the United States has enraged the internet, with many calling the behavior “entitled” and “rude.”

The message, which was posted on Reddit, read: “Reserved for a birthday celebration” and was put on the seat of a bench draped with a tablecloth.

Nevertheless, the guy who submitted the letter stated that it took hours for the birthday party goers to arrive.

“Please respect the space we’ve set aside and do not utilize our tables,” said the letter.

“This is a four-year-old’s birthday celebration; don’t ruin it.” Thank you very much.”

“Busy public park on a sweltering Saturday/Labor Day weekend,” the Reddit user who posted the remark explained.

“Seems incredibly entitled,” one person said.

“The park has been open for four hours and there has been no sign of them; all of the other tables are filled.”

The article, which received over 64,000 upvotes and 4600 comments, sickened the internet.

“Seriously. ‘REsPEct Our ChiLd’s BiRth.’ What about no? “Get yourself a table,” one user suggested.

“You reserve a table by sticking your a** on the seat next to it,” another remarked.

“This is just a piece of paper that says, ‘I do anything I want,'” said a third.

“To mention ‘our tables’ on top of the note’s stupidity and rudeness in general… these folks are mad,” said another.

“They eventually turned up after around 6 hours into the day,” said the individual who first submitted the remark.

“I immediately put up a loud boombox, which drew the attention of the park rangers,” they wrote.

“They talked a long time after that, and they’ve been quiet since.”

“The best thing is that some families spread out blankets and spaces right near to the tables, which I believe conveyed the message!”

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