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Struggling Grandpa Returns $43K He Found In Used Couch, Days Later He Gets A Call.

When Howard Kirby of Owosso, Michigan, needed a couch for his man cave, he went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore. He paid $70 for an antique rustic sofa and matching ottoman set that was still in good condition. He had no idea that the antique furniture came with something more.

Kirby’s daughter unzipped the cushion after grumbling about how weirdly shaped and unpleasant the ottoman was. The woman took out banded stacks of $100 dollars one after the other from inside the padding. When the two totaled up the stacks, they came up with a total of $43,170.

Kirby has gone through a lot in his life. Within a year, he had gone through a painful divorce, lost a close cousin to cancer, and endured the loss of a kidney after physicians detected a tumor. After he lost his job, he even let his kid move in with him. He calculated all the ways he might spend the money, also with a new roof for his modest home and paying off his medical bills. Then he felt guilty.

Although a lawyer advised him that he could retain the money legally, Kirby felt it wasn’t right. Rather, he contacted the secondhand store and requested them to locate the individual who had donated the couch.

The furniture was tracked down to Kim Fauth-Newberry, who had given her late grandpa’s couch. The woman was taken aback since she had no clue the money was in the ottoman. Kirby visited with the family and returned every cent to its true owners.

While Kirby was relieved to know he had done the right thing, he still had to deal with his own financial difficulties. Surprisingly, he got a call mere days after returning the money. It was Eikenhout Building Supplies’ John Conversa who informed Kirby that the firm would give materials and employ a contractor to restore his roof.

A nice Samaritan also established a GoFundMe campaign to assist Kirby with his financial responsibilities, raising $16,000 for the suffering grandpa. Kirby says he would do it all again in a heartbeat, irrespective of the support.

Kirby says he is “blessed beyond words” by the love and money he has gotten and never imagined such a large reaction.

Howard Kirby is getting back on his feet thanks to kind benefactors. He no longer needs to be concerned about his roof, and he is continuing to make repairs to his home while still supporting his own family.

Kirby is a real example that there are still individuals who prioritize others over their own needs. He not only did the right thing by returning the money, but he also sets a wonderful example of compassion and caring to others.

Michigan man finds $43,000 in couch he bought for $35

AMERICA STRONG: A Michigan made quite the discovery when he found $43,000 inside a couch he bought at a thrift store, with the man then returning the money to the rightful owner. Tom Llamas has the story.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Sunday, 19 January 2020

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