Samaritans Rushed In To Help The Woman Whose Wheelchair Was Stolen.

Sadly, there are bad people running around. And you know they have to be pretty bad when they steal someone’s wheelchair.

Sherry Valentine of Dormont, Pennsylvania, had parked her motorized wheelchair on her front porch one night, and someone snatched it. She used the wheelchair to go up and down her street to get some fresh air, but now, she was stuck.

When a local news station reported the crime, however, many offered to help Sherry out. And Pat Haseck did just that. She had a motorized wheelchair for Sherry in her basement. It had been used by her husband, who had died earlier in the year. And now, she wanted a good home for it. Sherry was the ideal person to give it to.

So a very short time later, and with a little help from that news station, Sherry had a new wheelchair, and she was even given a ramp so she could get the chair inside her home.

Pat told Sherry: “Take this chair, and use it to be able to go wherever you want to go and see whoever you want to see and make sure that it will make your life whole again.”

Sherry was overjoyed. And even more so when someone else gave her another wheelchair, a manual one, as a backup. 

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