She Confronted The Thief And Did Something No One Would.

In Guthrie, Oklahoma, Jessica Eaves was doing some grocery shopping when a man sneaked up behind her and stole her wallet. But she wasn’t about to let that go. She spotted him in a crowded aisle and approached him.

Says Jessica: “I’m a pretty out-there personality, but I was quiet and calm. I said to him, ‘I think you have something of mine. I’m gonna give you a choice. You can either give me my wallet and I’ll forgive you right now, and I’ll even take you to the front and pay for your groceries.”

The alternative, she told him, would be immediately reporting him to the police. Well he quickly gave her back her wallet, asking for forgiveness, and started crying as they both walked up to the front. He told her he was desperate.

So Jessica bought him about $30 worth of groceries. He told her again that he was sorry, that he was embarrassed by what had happened and that he had kids to feed. Even though she considers herself “pretty out there,” she strongly believes in giving others a second chance. She said before her dad died many years ago, he told her to always be kind to others. And that’s something she carries with her daily.

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