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School Expels Second Grader Who Was Told To Bring in a Picture of Herself in the Bathtub

A second-grade daughter was expelled from a Christian school in Jacksonville, Florida, after her parents raised concerns over a homework assignment that required children to provide images of themselves reading in a bathtub. Misty and Christopher Dunham were taken aback by the schoolwork provided to kids at Victory Christian Academy by their daughter’s teacher.

The parents did not feel at ease asking their daughter, McKenzie, to submit the contentious assignment. Taking pictures in a bathtub is not proper for a youngster, Misty explained.

Misty contacted the teacher to find out more about the class assignment. She texted the teacher and said to explain more about the assignment. To send a message to the parents. This doesn’t sound right, Misty expressed.

She did send a message saying, ‘You should be in your pajamas, in your uniform, have fun with it.’ But it didn’t feel quite right.

According to a police complaint from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Misty also contacted school management about the event, noting that they had been delivering this homework assignment for years, and she is the only one fussing about it.

The Dunham family persisted in their search for answers concerning the class assignment, and they got a phone call from a school supervisor.

He remarked that he thinks the folks should conduct a parental withdrawal for the kid. She replied saying she can’t. They will not withdraw her, Misty informed. He responded, OK, thank you for saying that, and then added, they’re going to proceed with an administrative withdrawal.

Victory Christian Academy replied to the parents’ worries by sending them a letter about their daughter’s enrollment in the school.

McKenzie was no longer a pupil at Victory Christian Academy, according to the letter. Finally, the girl’s parents were astonished that the school did not clarify why she was taken.

There’s no explanation, Misty remarked. Rather than taking their daughter out of school, the Dunham family thought the school could have addressed the incident better.

She did the correct thing by informing her parents she wasn’t okay with anything, and now she’s not in school, Christopher explained.

Pastor Jesse Latta, the president of Victory Christian Academy, issued a statement in response to Dunham’s concerns and the class assignment.

There was an assignment provided, as he believes one has gotten a copy, the statement says. It was adapted from an online teacher resource and has been utilized in a variety of schools. There were no ill motives with this job. When a parent complained to the teacher, she quickly addressed a letter to all of the parents in the class to reassure them that there were no evil purposes with this project and to explain the restrictions. The teacher received no more issues. While the assignment was absolutely benign, our management has deleted it from future usage out of an excess of caution and to avoid any misconceptions. The kids are precious to them, and their safety is the primary priority. They shall keep assisting the families and kids in whose lives the Lord has generously permitted them to have a role.

Jacksonville 2nd grader was instructed to ‘send picture of you doing reading homework in bathtub,’ parents say >>>

Posted by Action News Jax on Saturday, 24 September 2022

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