Man Kills Baby After 4 Weeks Of Horrific Torture, Receives Justice In Prison Cell

Aaron Gilbert was bound to horrific brutality from those closest to him just one year into his brief existence. Although his mother met his basic requirements, she lacked the moral fortitude and maternal love that would have shielded her kid. Rather, she left her kid in the hands of his abuser for a month before he died to the awful torment he was subjected to on a regular basis.

Aaron’s heartbreaking maltreatment started shortly after his first birthday in Swansea, Wales. Andrew Lloyd, then 23, was seeing Aaron’s mother, Rebecca Lewis, 21, and was becoming a common sight around the youngster. However, his expression was anything but soothing.

Lloyd, a heroin addict, soon started committing horrific deeds on Aaron. Lloyd would erupt into rages and take his anger out on the defenseless infant. He had grabbed Aaron by the ears and spun him around by the legs “like a cat by the tail.” He had slung a blanket over his head, as if to suffocate him, and blown marijuana smoke in the youngster’s face. He even bit Aaron on the cheek hard. His wounds were so serious that his face deformed. A neighbor compared the boy’s appearance to the Elephant Man.

Lewis was aware that Lloyd was abusing her kid, yet she proceeded to leave the youngster with her violent boyfriend so that she could go shopping. Lewis left her kid with Lloyd to conduct errands after enabling her boyfriend to abuse her small son for four weeks. Lloyd shook the infant and bashed his head against a wall in Aaron’s final 24 hours alive. Aaron died the next day in the hospital.

Pathologists found significant brain damage as well as around 50 exterior lesions on the child’s body. Lewis and Lloyd were both arrested and accused of Aaron’s heinous killing. Lewis received a seven-year jail term for family murder and attempting to manipulate the course of justice. Lloyd was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 24 years behind bars.

Lloyd sought to appeal to the court, seeking to get his sentence overturned or reduced. He justified his horrible conduct based on his young age and rough background. The judge dismissed the appeal and upheld the punishment. Lloyd, on the other hand, would soon be released from jail, but not in the way he had anticipated.

The Prison Service verified Lloyd died while serving his sentence soon after his corpse was recovered. Although the reason for his death was not immediately released by police, many assumed Lloyd committed suicide in his jail cell.

Others, though, are wishing Lloyd’s death was more heinous. Some speculate that foul play was involved, especially that he was killed by a fellow inmate or two. Of course, this is not an unusual conclusion for child molesters and murderers. In reality, those guilty of causing harm to kids are frequently the focus of assault from other inmates.

Naturally, many people on social media celebrated Lloyd’s death, expressing pleasure that he had ultimately faced punishment. Commenters pointed out that, while Lloyd’s death was justified, he should have tortured in the same way as his little victim.

Lloyd would have been 47 at the time of his first parole hearing. Nevertheless, since he exhibited no compassion to infant Aaron and exposed the terrified, bewildered child to horrendous maltreatment, he has gotten little pity from the public.

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