Schoolboy, 15, guilty of murdering father who confronted gang for abusing his daughter

A 15-year-old kid was convicted of murder after he knifed a dad outside his home after growing tired with his unruly behaviour.

James Markham, 45, was stabbed in the back, armpit, and chest on August 9 in east London after confronting the teenager, who had already been barred from the area by a criminal behaviour order that he had previously violated.

The youngster, now 15, who cannot be named for legal purposes, will be punished for the father-of-murder three’s on August 26.

He was also found guilty of possessing an offensive weapon.

According to the Old Bailey, the area around Churchill Terrace in Chingford, east London, had become a hotbed for disruptive behaviour, and Mr Markham was displeased with it.

It was stated previously that the group had been verbally assaulting one of Mr Markham’s daughters before he approached them.

A stonemason, Mr Markham, after arriving home shortly before 6 p.m. in August last year, took a drill bit and went out to meet the group of kids.

Paramedics addressed him, but he was declared dead at the site. A post-mortem investigation later revealed that he died as a result of a stab wound to the lung.

A member of James’s family observed a conflict however her view was limited and she didn’t know it was James who the adolescents were disputing with, said a Metropolitan police spokesperson.

James had approached the gathering with a drill bit, clearly trying to frighten them away. One of the gang moved forward, equipped with a knife, and the two started striking at one other.

James was struck three times: once in the back, once in the armpit, and once in the chest. The latter wound entered his lung and proved deadly.

As the adolescent and the rest of the gang departed the area, a member of the public who had attempted to interfere rushed to James’ help.

James’ panicked relatives hurried down from their house to assist him.

Police who arrived on the site first offered first aid, however James perished at the spot despite attempts, as well as those of emergency paramedics and members of the public.

As he hurried away, the boy left his phone, which was instantly recognized.

He was detained two days later on suspicion of murder and made no response in police interrogation.

Detective Inspector John Marriot, Specialist Crime stated that James was a lovely family guy who leaves behind a partner and three kids. 

That day, they were confronted with a terrifying circumstance that no family should have to face. He hopes that this belief will bring them some solace as they continue to mourn James.

The youngster involved in this incident had a Criminal Behaviour Order and should not have been in the vicinity. He’d broken it several times before.

The knife he utilized was never found, showing that he went to great efforts to dissociate himself from this heinous act.

However, his team went to great lengths to gather a multitude of witnesses, CCTV, and forensic evidence confirming his crime. He will be imprisoned for an extended period of time.

He would like to thank his staff for their talent and perseverance in fighting to bring justice to James’ family.’ Prayers are with them.

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