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Sean Hannity Gets ‘Caught In The Act’ When He Thought It Was Commercial Break

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity was captured on video vaping after failing to notice that television cameras had been turned back on after a commercial.

One individual on site managed to grab Hannity’s focus seconds after the broadcast started, and he withdrew the vape from his lips and tossed it away. Hannity momentarily flashed after the event.

Laura Ingraham of Fox News taunted Trump about the incident, calling it “cute.”

“Oh, I’m on camera right now?” As she sipped from a water bottle, Ingraham mocked. “Oh, hi.”

It happens to the best of us, she said. T hose tiny moments are adorable, and they’re in the everlasting reel of the real Hannity — like, people desire to get to understand him.

“OMG Hannity just had his Gutfeld/peeing moment – he lost track of time at the previous break so he was still wearing his glasses and smoking a Juul,” Curtis Houck tweeted. (Sorry for the jump cut at 0:10 during “Villain of the Day” – Snapstream recordings were switching to Ingraham at the time.)”

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