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Waitress Gets ‘$0’ Tip On ‘$187’ Bill, Turns Heads After Making Facebook Post In Response

A Colorado waitress utilized social media to impart a message about working in America.

Taylar Cordova snapped a picture of the receipt and shared it on Facebook after receiving a $0 tip on a $187.43 charge, according to Mic. Her article was followed by an eloquent and impassioned remark on working as a waiter.

“You are the lowest of the low,” she said, referring to everyone who does not tip as well as the client who stiffed her. She then went on to explain the repercussions of guests failing to contribute adequate tip to their bill:

When one thinks it’s probably alright not to tip their waitress, remember that it’s just one more bill piling up so they’re strapped for cash. This is food for the week that their family will go without since one didn’t believe it was essential, even after asking for and getting everything under the sun for free. This is one fewer fundamental requirement that her daughter requires, since even TWO more bucks is too much for oneself.

Every choice has an effect. Servers are paid a base wage of $2-5/hr based on the company, so the next time one don’t wish to tip, irrespective of the scenario, consider how much one would have to work that week off $2-5/hr to feed one’s family, not just oneself. Could one afford one’s expenses only on that pay? Could one feed their family while also feeding oneself? Since that’s what occurs when one doesn’t tip.

The US Department of Labor supports her claims, stating that an employer of a tipped employee is only obligated to pay $2.13 per hour in direct wages if that sum coupled with the tips earned at least matches the statutory minimum wage.

Cordova’s essay closes with some words of wisdom. If someone can’t afford to tip, don’t even bother stepping into a restaurant, she wrote. If he/she is so cheap, there’s a McDonald’s down the block.

Her statement certainly struck a chord with the public, as it was shared over 15,000 times on social media.

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