Selfless Mom Died Saving Her Twin Boys After Using Her Body To Shield Them In Crash.

Only mother’s love is unconditional and beyond imagination. When it comes to protecting her children, a mother is willing to do anything, even give up her own life.  

That’s exactly what a heroic mom, Hillarie Galazka, 29, did. She died saving her twins during a car crash when she used her own body to shield them from the impact.

It’s a disaster that feels like it never should have transpired. The person driving the vehicle that crashed into Hillarie’s shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. Authorities had suspended his license and even had two warrants out on the driver.

The SUV was going 90 miles per hour on an entrance slope for the interstate when it rear-ended a Saturn. Inside the Saturn were 29-year-old Hillarie and her 5-year-old twin boys.

Before the crash, Hillarie threw her body over her sons and this heroic mom died saving her twins, using her own body to safeguard them from the bearing of the crash.

The two boys survived with slight injuries and all because their mother gave her life for them.

Knowing the twin boys survived is a comfort, but it doesn’t erase the heartbreak of having their mom die. It’s an unimaginable anguish the family of Hillarie Galazka will have to face for the rest of their lives.

Hillarie’s mother Jodie is broken-hearted and said that she was her best friend and it’s going to be hard as Hillarie’s was her firstborn and her daughter was so beautiful.

The community united around Hillarie’s family, setting up two distinct fundraising efforts to help during this time of disaster. One raised money to cover the cremation expenditures and the other is helping care for the twin boys and the 8-year-old child who wasn’t with Hillarie during the crash.

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