“Am I The Jerk For Telling My Fiance I’m Locking Myself In The Room For The Rest Of The Vacation Because I’m Tired Of Holding His Sister’s Kid?”

It’s generally reasonable to say that very few individuals love babysitting, not everyone. It is labour that demands a great deal of patience and effort in order to keep the infant safe as well as occupied. Spending all of your time and attention on a toddler is probably the last thing you want to do, especially if you’re on vacation. This story is about babysitting but with a peculiar twist. Read the story.

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My fiance and I were invited to go along on a trip to California for a week. I do not have my children with me due to them being with their father and having wrestling tournaments that they cannot miss (already spent hundreds on nonrefundable tickets for them to participate).

We drove here with his family, so I was already quite exhausted when getting to the resort after having listened to an 8 month old scream practically the entire ride (23 hours but they INSISTED we go with them for the drive to swap off driving and site see). We were crammed in this vehicle like sardines because on the floor were their family dogs (a 75lb bull mastiff and her two puppies). So yes, dog sh*t was also present. They were quick to clean up but still. The car was putrid.

When we got to the resort I quickly noticed how I was seen as a built-in babysitter for my fiance’s sister’s 8 month old daughter. Everytime my future sister-in-law and her husband wanted to take a shower, swim, eat, or even if they just didn’t feel like holding her, this child was thrown into my lap basically. Every single time. There are 5 other adults here but they claimed that this child only wanted me. I can’t exactly argue it because at this point I had held the baby so much that she did put her arms out for me quite often, even in passing in the hallway. But it hit a point where I was getting pissed. I was in the pool yesterday and my future sister-in-law gets in and within 5 minutes passes the baby off to me. I handed her back maybe 10 minutes later claiming I needed to use the restroom and stayed indoors. Maybe 15 minutes later they come inside and pass the baby off to me again saying they need to shower and ask me to bring the child in to them in 10 minutes. After I pass the baby off to them, I lock myself in the room and I’ve barely left since.

My fiance came in here a bit ago and told me we are all going out to eat and I told him I didn’t feel like going and becoming a highchair to the baby while her parents ate. As it is, I’ve already held this child more than enough and had several drinks spilled on me because of her octopus arms. He said I can’t just sit up here to avoid holding the baby and that I am wasting the trip all because I wont say no. Half the time they don’t ask though. The baby is practically tossed at me. 

What are your opinions? Did I overreact? Please don’t be afraid to criticize.

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