Sex Offender With ‘F—k Cops’ Face Tattoo Dies At Hospital After Attacking Deputies Inside Jail.

After Eric Nelson, 46, killed violently on the same day he was moved to the South County Jail in Frostproof, Florida, an inquiry was begun. The man’s untimely death ended his lengthy criminal record, which included excessive drug addiction and sexual assault.

Nelson was detained by the Lakeland Police Department as a suspect in a probable burglary at a Taco Bell on US Highway 98 North. Nelson, who has many face tattoos, such as one that says “f—k cops,” was apprehended at a nearby Starbucks after escaping on foot. He had methamphetamine and syringes in his bag, which he admitted to injecting, and he was high at the time of his arrest, according to investigators.

Nelson, whose past offenses involve rape and violence on a law enforcement officer, was promptly put into jail. He was subsequently taken to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, where he got aggressive, kicking his cell door and cursing jail authorities.

Nelson seemed to be high on drugs, according to jail personnel, and he made aggressive threats at both staff and fellow detainees. Since of his actions, he was transported to South County Jail and placed on suicide watch in the medical dorm. This decision would determine his destiny.

When Nelson arrived, deputies told him to remove his regular clothes and put on his prisoner smock. Nelson allegedly attacked a deputy in the face twice before kicking, biting, and striking many other cops who were attempting to control him. Other deputies intervened in the fight and sprayed a chemical deterrent.

Nelson, on the other hand, proceeded to battle the deputies with “power higher than a normal person” owing to his prolonged drug usage. Despite Nelson’s efforts, deputies were able to place him in shackles and handcuffs after several minutes. They then brought him to a secluded cell and laid him down.

Deputies said they discovered Nelson wasn’t breathing and was becoming blue as they attempted to remove his bindings. The jail’s medical personnel was summoned and began CPR right away. He was subsequently taken to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead. His death brings to an end a lengthy criminal career that included rape, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, narcotics possession, grand theft, fugitive from justice, and failing to notify a sex offender’s identity or location change.

Eric Nelson was convicted of 12 felonies throughout the course of his life, including sexual assault, intent to sell heroin, and trading in stolen goods. At best, he was a public nuisance; at worst, he was a dangerous criminal frightening the neighborhood.

His life of crime and narcotics was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off at any moment. It’s hardly surprising that Nelson’s life ended so abruptly and brutally. A life filled with significant crimes and illegal narcotics is a formula for misery and, ultimately, disaster.

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