Man Gets Arrested After Fatally Shooting Suspect Stealing His Car, Thief’s Widow Demands Murder Charge.

On a Tuesday morning just before 8:30 a.m., Steven Thompson, 54, noticed three persons messing with his Acura, which was parked in front of his Philadelphia house. The accused had strapped the automobile down and were prepared to haul it away. Thomspon then went outside his front door and fired at least one shot at the males.

According to cops, the bullet injured Satario Natividad, 51, when he was trying to steal the vehicle. At the same moment, the two conspirators fled in their Honda Accord, snapping the straps off the Acura and ramming into a school bus before leaving. Natividad was declared dead at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center minutes afterwards.

Police initiated an investigation right away, checking both the homeowner’s vehicle and the smashed getaway car. Detectives seized several catalytic converters, equipment, and a weapon from the getaway car. Their focus quickly shifted to the homeowner.

Steven Thompson was apprehended soon after the incident. He was accused with two counts of violating the gun laws. Officials first stated that Thompson had a licence to carry the pistol he discharged, but it was later revealed that he lacked the necessary documents.

Sherell Natividad, Natividad’s widow, was relieved to see that Thompson had been prosecuted criminally, even if it was merely for violating his carry permission.

Natividad’s widow, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the weapons allegations. Rather, she wanted Thompson to be charged with murder.

Sherell Natividad acknowledges that her spouse was trying to steal a car, but she feels Steven Thomspon should not have used fatal force. In fact, she feels Thompson was not only wrong to use lethal force, but she also thinks he should be held fully responsible. Although additional charges are possible in such a situation, a murder charge is doubtful.

A murder prosecution would require the prosecutor to establish proof that the gunman meant to kill the victim. While it may appear to be straightforward, it is not. Even the smallest fault can lead to an acquittal, which the prosecution surely does not want. This hasn’t deterred Natividad’s widow from filing the allegation.

While we sympathize with the woman’s sadness, she continues to wonder why somebody would feel they had the right to take another person’s life. Yet, no one is questioning why a dad of eight children would put his life in danger, either by death or imprisonment, by committing grand theft auto.

Unfortunately, a succession of unfortunate actions has left a bunch of kids fatherless, and this isn’t something that can be rectified with any sort of justice after the fact. That is something their parents should have considered before their dad committed a terrible crime, causing an alleged target to protect his property.

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