Shameless Squatter Thinks Owner Won’t Be Able To Do Anything, Gets Rude Awakening

An individual was living blissfully inside a house. However, after showing the police the property deed, it was evident that the guy was nothing more than a squatter who was unlawfully inhabiting the land. When cops found this, they cooperated with the property owner and arrested the squatter, essentially evicting them from the only place they knew as home.

The issue could not have reached a climax unless the property owner made an unusual request of a local reporter. The man’s name was Charlie LeDuff, and the homeowner asked him to interview the squatter in order to understand more about their motivations and plans – and to catch them off guard.

The genuine owner gave LeDuff the keys to the house, and he headed out to face the dishonest squatter. The individual was residing on Sarah Hamilton-property Gilmer’s but was not paying rent. They did not want to leave.

LeDuff used an unconventional method. He arrived at the house in his bathrobe and asked the squatter if he may join them. LeDuff had the property keys and the deed with him. Lynn Arthur Williams, Jr., the squatter, challenged LeDuff right away. She didn’t like the way he was approaching her and demanding access to the property she was unlawfully inhabiting.

Williams was on probation at the time of the event after being jailed for felony aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. That’s why LeDuff arrived at the property accompanied by a battalion of cops. Williams terrified him, as she did the genuine owner of the land.

When LeDuff handed Williams the deed, she looked willing to let him into the house. Until LeDuff replied, “Let me into my house.”

“Let you enter your house?” replied the squatter. This is Lynn William’s residence.”

Lynn stated to have “done a lot of effort” into the house on behalf of the true owner and hence was assuming possession. She also “spent a lot of money” refurbishing the property and so believes it is hers. Lynn Williams also makes use of the reality that there are other squatters on the next property, implying that she is not alone in her unlawful behavior. LeDuff also mentions Williams taking energy from a neighbor’s house.

“I feel blessed,” she remarked when questioned about it.

When the cops come, they discover that Williams has been stealing electricity through illegal wiring. In a couple of seconds, LeDuff’s inquiry leads to Williams’ capture and removal from the property.

The YouTube video below explains everything about this odd event.

LeDuff’s investigation tactics were crude and unpolished, but they completed the task. The genuine homeowner may now recover her rightful property and either move back in or find another renter to inhabit it, preferably one who pays rent and does not attempt to assert the place as her own.

What are your thoughts on this weird squatter inquiry?

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