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7-Year-Old Girl Stabbed To Death In Her Bed By Mom’s Friend After Drawing A Picture To Try To Cheer Him Up

Bella Rose Desrosiers, a 7-year-old child from Edmonton, Canada, was killed by her mother’s “long-time buddy” less than a year after her dad, Ben, committed suicide. David Michael Moss, a 34-year-old tattoo artist, murdered Bella Rose in her own bed, just hours after she had painted a portrait of him when he came to see her mom Melissa in their home.

Moss was experiencing a personal problem, as per Melissa, when he came to visit her on a Monday night, and she had intended to drive him to the hospital after putting Bella Rose and her 4-year-old sister Lily into bed. Seeing that Moss was upset, Bella Rose chose to create a portrait of him to lift his spirits. Her mother stated he grinned when he saw it, yet he would murder her hours later.

Melissa had just put her kids into bed, kissed Bella Rose, and said goodnight when Moss reportedly rushed into the girl’s room with a set of scissors and started slashing the child in her own bed in front of Melissa and Bella’s younger sister. As she raced out of the room with Lily, the mom declared there was nothing she could do to rescue her kid.

Police were summoned to the residence around 25 Avenue and 43 Street about 8:45 p.m. after a complaint of a stabbing. Melissa remembered Moss sitting on her couch the last time she saw him. Moss was apprehended by police when they came. Bella Rose is said to have died at the site.

According to reports, Moss attacked the toddler in front of her mom.  The mom tried CPR until paramedics arrived and intervened, police stated in a press statement. As per officials, the girl was declared died at the spot.

Following Bella Rose’s untimely death, her bereaved mother talked publicly about losing her young baby, who liked to sing and play the piano. Bella Rose, like her dad, had a great loving heart that genuinely embraced life, going out to do everything she could to help people feel better.

Ben had been wedded to Melissa for nine years when he committed suicide two months before Bella’s murder. Melissa’s Facebook page was packed with postings on mental health and suicide after his death. She also praised Bella Rose as extremely resilient, very powerful, and she praised the seven-year-old with guiding her through the passing of her husband.

Her spirit was beautiful, real, and one-of-a-kind, Melissa said, noting that Bella Rose was well-known in her community for putting up a fancy lemonade stand outside their home to collect money for Stollery Children’s Hospital. She will be recognized as the lemonade stand child, stated the bereaved mom.

David Michael Moss, who has no past convictions, is apparently married with four children of his own, and is regarded as a family guy, was booked with second-degree murder for the deadly stabbing after an autopsy established Bella Rose Desrosiers’ reason for death. Moss started his own tattoo shop with his wife, however it was forced to close amid the COVID crisis of 2020. According to Frank Urbanovitch, a fellow tattoo artist and acquaintance, the dad suddenly fell seriously behind on bills.

No, this isn’t David. This is not the David he knew, stated Urbanovitch. He could sense he was sliding and screaming about his anxiety, but he had no idea where it would wind up, he continued. Apparently, neither did Melissa, who was only looking to assist a pal. Unfortunately, her attempts put Bella Rose in the path of Moss’ mental instability.

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