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Woman Electrocutes Autistic Man for ‘Looking At’ Her Breasts

Hollie Baker, 29, of Maidstone, Kent, found herself in hot water when she gave a crippling shock to Lee Pearson, 42, an autistic man who Baker claimed was staring at her breasts. Baker reportedly shocked the unsuspecting victim with an illegally obtained taser before fleeing laughing as he writhed in pain on the ground. She was probably not pleased when the cops caught up with her.

Tasers, which can deliver shocks of up to 50,000 volts, are banned in the United Kingdom. Baker was detained on suspicion of possessing an electrical immobilizing device and abuse by beating. Despite having pled guilty, Baker sought to defend herself in front of the UK Maidstone Crown Court. Baker said in court that the autistic guy was gazing at her breasts and that she was uneasy since he was standing too close to her while they talked on the street.

Pearson, on the other hand, gave a different narrative. He was on his way to the local library when he encountered Baker, who resided in the same area of Maidstone, England, according to his evidence. Pearson stated that he and Baker had known one other for a year before striking up a dialogue. Baker shocked him in the back with a taser when he and Baker were having a private conversation. She found it amusing. It felt like he was getting stabbed – it was terrifying, he claimed of the taser.

Pearson stated that he regarded Baker and her boyfriend to be pals and that he did not glance at Baker’s breasts or want to make her feel awkward. No, he was admiring her hair. He  didn’t stare at her sexually, he explained. Pearson admitted that his Asperger’s disease caused him to unintentionally stand near to individuals in conversation and focus his gaze on them, but he said that wasn’t the case when Baker tased him.

Pearson said that he and Baker were discussing his autism when Baker began an unjustified assault. He  wasn’t standing next to her. Pearson recalls, he was telling her about his Asperger’s condition. The next thing he knew, she had him tasered on the back. He was scared and dashed down the road and dialed the cops.

The prosecution blamed Hollie Baker of bullying, claiming she had a “new toy” and intended to “have a go at” Lee Pearson considering he was weak. Baker, however, denied knowing about Pearson’s illness at the time she tased him and said she bought the illegal taser for her own safety when she takes her dogs on late-night walks after being hit by a guy.

Despite being blamed for laughing while Pearson screamed in pain, Baker’s version of the story ended rather differently. She said she was upset and raced home to her boyfriend following the event.

Baker’s attorneys attempted to justify her actions by claiming that she suffers from mental illnesses. They stated that, in addition to being bipolar and having schizophrenia, she needed prescription medicines to sleep. Their defense did not appear to matter, as she was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

While the #MeToo movement has raised awareness of sexual misbehavior, some contend that harmless interactions are being misunderstood as men are unfairly demonized. Is that what occurred in this case? Even if Baker’s charges were genuine, it would appear that she carried things too far. She tased Pearson in the back, after all, and males don’t have eyes in the back of their heads.

Women and girls, without a doubt, ought to feel protected, yet so do men and boys. Being tased when there is no obvious threat does not precisely meet that description. The UK court seems to concur. However, in the United States court system and American culture, women are frequently given a slap on the wrist while men are presumed guilty until found innocent since it has become “taboo” not to trust the “victim.” Some people believe that’s fine, while others perceive it as a double standard.

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