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Shaquille O’Neal gets candid about his major surgery – gives fan truthful update.

Many were understandably concerned when they learned that their beloved former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal was in the hospital for surgery. Yet, to allay his fans’ anxieties, the former NBA all-star resorted to social media.

He captioned an Instagram image, “I’m always watching @TurnerSportsEJ and @Candace Parker miss y’all.”

After seeing the fans’ worry, he sent a letter of appreciation to all the individuals who were scared and concerned. First and foremost, please accept his gratitude.

He said, and finally, no need to panic, just have to have some BBL work, aka #hipreplacement. ” He thanked all and assured he is alright. Making a joke about having a cosmetic treatment done on his buttocks, as is common among many social media influencers and Hollywood celebs.

A fan asked the former professional athlete whether the operation hurt, and Shaq responded, “Hell yeah.” This prompted several other fans to intervene and tell how their surgery and recuperation went more smoothly.

His pals also made amusing digs at the player. “I’m pleased you’re okay,” Nate Jackson wrote. Nevertheless, while you’re there, have them heal your feet.” Nice to know buddy, the hips don’t lie, huh @shakira? Rick Fox was added. I’ve got to obtain one next; three [trophies] come at a cost.”

We are overjoyed and pleased to hear that Shaquille O’Neal is doing well! We wish him a swift recovery so that he may resume his usual activities! Please share this with other Shaquille O’Neal fans!

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