She Couldn’t Believe The History Of The Old Piano She Bought.

Source: Facebook

This afternoon we had an antique upright player piano delivered and I posted on Facebook to learn any history about it.

Moments later, my best friend of 20+ years, Emily, messaged me about my post as she had one growing up. We texted back and forth about the music rolls it came with, and how cool it was.

She said it looked really like the one she had as a child and asked if we got it locally. I said yes, from a family in Mullica Hill, NJ.

That’s funny, she replied, saying that her piano went to a family in Mullica Hill as well!

I then asked the owner where she got the piano and she said a historical town in Southern New Jersey, and the delivery receipt was in the bench.

I ran downstairs and cried out loud when I saw Emily’s childhood home address on it!

What are the odds that my best friends piano as a child, ended up in my house, decades later? With the same marble bench and box of music rolls that she enjoyed and played with growing up!

Best part is that I remember a piano in her living room, and pretty sure we took semi formal dance pictures in front of it in High School! I’m on a mission to find that picture.

We are still blown away from the finding and looking forward to sharing more memories, old and new, together ❤️🎹

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