Woman Got Emotional With The Driver’s Kindness Decided To Call His Company.

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Tim Jones with Ztrip of Pensacola was so attentive in making sure my son had a secure car seat.

Mom fail- I assumed that the Ubers here would also have car seats (they don’t). So here I am…stranded at the airport with my two sons. I asked a police officer walking around the airport if he knew of a way for me to get a car seat somehow. He brought me out to the taxi cabs and asked drivers for me if anyone had a car seat.

This gentleman offered to go get one and come back and drive me to my location. THIS MAN DROVE AND BOUGHT ONE FROM WALMART. I SAW THE RECEIPT. He came back and MEASURED my son in the car seat prior to installing it… and then buckled him in. I asked if he needed help and he said “I learned this in grandpa school, and I just want your kids to be safe.”

WOW. You have blessed grandchildren sir. Thank you I’ll be calling his company personally to tell them what a great driver they have.

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