She Couldn’t Find Her Grandma. But Then This Teenager Came To Her.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest of gestures that can mean the most. Escalators are meant for a safe journey from one floor to the next in big malls or shopping centers. But they can also be a little tricky, and if you’re not careful when getting on them or off of them, the results can be disastrous. And, with that, some people may be terrified of them.

When Leah went shopping with her children and her grandmother in Fort Wayne, she thought nothing of getting on the escalator for a ride down with her children.

Facebook/Leah Kerr

Then, she looked back and could see that her grandmother was scared to step on it. She seen people walking around her, pushing past her… and her grandmother seemed helpless. Then, one young man who observed that she was having trouble getting on the escalator took her by the hand, helped her step onto it and stayed with her — holding her hand all the way down – before helping her off of it.

It was the simplest of gestures… from a complete stranger who showed that he truly cared. If you want to inspire others, you can do so very easily by sharing this story.

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