This Letter From An Autistic Boy’s Teacher Is Amazing.

Schools can often have the power to make or break someone in their treatment of them. Good grades will often lift spirits, while bad grades can often deter a person’s motivation. But some schools can go far beyond the grades and look at a person as… a person.

Facebook/Gail Twist

In the U.K., Gale Twist’s son has autism, and when she read the letter his school sent to her, she couldn’t help but break down in tears. There were no grades to speak of for her son, Ben. There were only comments about Ben being… Ben. The letter stated he had completed a key stage of his SATs. But it also went to to describe all the positives in Ben that the SATs did not cover.

Twitter/Gail Twist

Those talents, said the school, included his artistic talents, ability to work in a team, growing independence, kindness, expressing his opinion, sports, ability to make and keep friends, ability to discuss and evaluate his own progress, design and building, and his musical ability. The letter concluded by saying the school was very proud of Ben. And Ben’s mother was as well.

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