She Drops Her Sister Kids At Daycare Without Informing And Even Made Her Pay. Family Gets Angry But Internet Praises Her.

Being an aunt is one of the most incredible experiences in life. You get to amuse your nephews and nieces, which is the finest job in the world. However at times you might be busy with your own commitments and won’t be able to take care of your sister’s kids. In this story too the scenario  is somewhat similar. The sibling had already informed she had an exam so wouldn’t be able to take care of her sister’s kids. Read the story to know what happened and let us know whether the sibling was wrong by what she did.

Source: Reddit

My (19F) sister (25F) asked me to babysit for her (kids are 4&6) so she could go a friends party. I told her I can’t do that day, I had an exam so I had to be at college. (I can follow some classes online, and have occasionally babysat while listening to lectures). The day for which she needed a babysitter came. I answered the door in the morning and the freaking kids were on my doorstep and my sister was driving off. She just left them with me after I said I couldn’t stay home that day!

I called a friend that owns a small daycare, she told me I could drop them off there. Thank god. I gave her my sisters contact info to her and told me to keep me updated, and I texted my sister about what happened and gave her the address and the phone number.

I picked the kids up from daycare since my sister wasn’t answering her phone, and fed them. She picked them up at 9ish pm and was absolutely livid that I left them with a stranger, that it was irresponsible, that something could have happened, etc. I told her that she knew I couldn’t babysit that day, and that she could have picked them up if she wasn’t comfortable with that since I texted the address. She told me I should have just skipped the exam to retake it later.

I thought this was a reasonable thing to do, when someone leaves kids on your doorstep without warning and you can’t take care of them, but my parents are on her side. My mom told me my sister already has so much on her plate, and that I should help out when I can. I guess babysitting at least one day a week for free isn’t good enough.

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