This Woman Opened The Door To See Neighbor’s Son Saying “My Mom Died In The Shower.”

A lady described her surprise at seeing a five-year-old boy outside her door cradling his newborn sister in his arms and claiming his mother had died – which ultimately saved her life.

Salvatore Cicalese had grabbed up his two-month-old sister and made his way out of their home after his mother had a seizure in the bathroom, and Jessica Penoyer answered the door to a horrified Salvatore Cicalese.

Salvatore had carried a bar stool to the garage door in order to climb up and flick the switch, and he proudly claims that he tumbled off it once before succeeding on his second attempt. When the door opened, he covered his baby sister in a blanket and went to the next-door neighbor’s house to seek assistance.Jessica Penoyer made the way for frightened Salvatore Cicalese, who had gathered up his two-month-old kin and advanced out of their home after his mum had a seizure in the shower. Salvatore had hauled a bar stool to the carport entryway so he could scale and flip the switch and gladly says he tumbled off it once before his subsequent endeavor was effective. Whenever the entryway opened, he enveloped his child sister by a cover and advanced toward the neighbor’s home to find support.

In an emergency call recording, Penoyer can be heard telling 911 dispatchers that her neighbor’s child just came to her home and said that his mother was dead in the shower. The lady, who lives in Arizona, recalled the scene where the little boy stood there while he’s holding something and she thought it was a doll.

Penoyer assumed that the five-year-old Salvatore was telling her his dog had died, however he corrected her, saying: “No, my mother passed away in the shower. Would you be able to look after us?”

Following her phone call, emergency personnel arrived at the residence and discovered Salvatore’s mother, Kaitlyn Cicalese, had had a seizure and fell while bathing – however she was still alive.

Kaityln expressed that truly, her son saved her life, since she was under the [tap] and if he hadn’t gotten aid, she would have been drowned. For them everyday is a struggle. He asks her, likely, a billion times assuming that she will be OK. 

Her son always keeps asking whether she will be having another seizure to which she replies she is fine. Then he will ask her whether she will die today and she assures him she won’t.

Fearless Sal has since been honoured by his local fire department as a “honorary fireman” for his efforts in saving his mother’s life.

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