She Was In Complete Panic When Her Husband’s Car Catches Fire With Their Kids Inside.

Source: Facebook

“I am trying to reach the guy who helped me tonight on the exit ramp, from Route 78 west to Route 287 south. Traffic was stopped because of a car on fire. The car was my husband’s—and my kids were in it! I was in a panic and wanted to get to them; so I asked the passenger in the car next to me to drive my car when the highway reopened, so I could walk to my family.

When I got to the car, a state trooper asked where my car was, I told him I asked a complete and total stranger to drive my car. The look on his face was great. Sure enough when the fire was out, and the highway reopened, he drove my car up and turned it over to a trooper. I was two cars ahead, and never got to thank him. So, if you were that man, “Thank you’! You are too young to know the fear that your children are in danger—yet old enough to be kind to a stranger.”

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