Man Writes About His Wife Who Was On The Way To Heaven.

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“In my hometown, this gentleman went and sat everyday with his wife, who suffered from dementia. She passed away last July.

Paul’s words about his wife, Martha:

‘We kind of grew up together because our families went to the same church, but I didn’t really start talking to her until I was in the Navy. We started writing each other when I was stationed at Pearl Harbor.

One day, a buddy of mine and I were walking around, and we came across a woman who was selling engagement ring sets. Well, I had no interest and neither did my buddy because, you know, we had no plans to get married any time soon; but that woman talked us into looking at the rings, and we ended up buying a set. I held onto mine for a long time while Martha and I kept writing each other; until one day, I just decided to mail the ring to her.

A few days later, I called her up and asked her if she got anything in the mail from me; and well, the rest is history. It was 57 years, last December. I came to sit with her every day and wave at the cars passing by. We’ve had a lot of adventures together—and she loved me through it all.’ “

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