Wife Didn’t Know What She Had Done In Life To Deserve Such A Husband.

Source: Facebook

“He will definitely not like this post because he’s not looking for a pat on the back, but this moment made me fall in love with my husband all over again.

We were walking in the rain in downtown Baltimore, blocks and blocks away from our hotel, and a homeless man who was having trouble with his feet, so much so that he could make only one little scoot in his wheelchair and then have to rest.

My husband just got right behind him and pushed him up several blocks to where he needed to be. Engaging him, talking to him, praying for him, and all I could do was cry and thank God for this man He gave to me. One with a heart to serve, one who loves everyone, who treats people with dignity and responds with compassion.

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve him, but for some reason God blessed me to be the wife of this man. Thank you Lord, for this man of integrity and honor. He is my greatest gift.”

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