Shopkeeper Told Elderly Man His Lottery Ticket Lost So She Could Steal His £130,000 Jackpot.

A shopkeeper who told a retired person his £130,000 EuroMillions ticket was a failure so she could take the money has been imprisoned.

Narendra Gill, 52, swiped the fortunate plunge ticket from resigned conveyance man Frank Gowland, 81, in the wake of really taking a look at it at her shop in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Mr Gowland had no idea he’d won the award until police informed him that his ticket, which had five winning numbers and one Lucky Star, had been taken.

Camelot, the lottery’s operator, caught her off guard when she tried to check out the ticket over the phone while serving clients at her GT News shop. She confessed to working at the now-shut shop in White Rose Shopping Center; however asserted the ticket was given to her and she had no clue where it was purchased. Camelot contacted the police, who examined CCTV footage and saw Mr Gowland getting into a car with his wife Sue, 77, at the retail centre.

Mr Gowland expressed that the entire thing has been truly a shock. Until he  got this phone call, he had no idea he won. He  couldn’t hear what the PC was saying, so he requested that his stepson manage it. He initially thought it was a joke or some fraud. However it wasn’t and he had  actually won.

Mr Gowland, who wears a portable hearing assistant, said Gill gave him back eight folded tickets after he requested her to double-check them. She returned them to him, informing the senior that they were all failures, but she kept the triumphant ticket, one of two that won £130,928 after the £46 million bonanza rolled over. His triumphant numbers were 3, 10, 13, 28, 46, with one of 4 and 11 winning one of the Lucky Stars.

The dad-of-two in the long run accepted his payout and has since purchased another vehicle and a walk-in shower in shower for his better half, who has medical conditions.

Gill, from York, was sentenced to 28 months in prison after admitting to theft and fraud at Leeds Crown Court yesterday.

Greed can lead us down the wrong path and put us in trouble. 

Share this story to gently remind us to not let greed win over us and most importantly when someone needs help, help them genuinely.

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