Woman Reads Messages Sent By Boyfriend To His Ex-Wife Regarding Her. She Loves Him More.

At times the world can be a hard place. Loving the right person who respects and cares for you can make the world a beautiful place to live in. Not all relationships have a happy ending but still when the relationship ends, the behaviour towards the ex can be treated in a more respectful way. Just like in this story where the boyfriend maturely and respectfully handled his ex which made his girlfriend proud and happy. 

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My boyfriend was previously married in his twenties. He never talks about her much, just that it was something that happened in his life and he doesn’t think of her much anymore. He’s never said anything bad about her, but he has indicated that she had some mental health issues that lead to the decline of their marriage.

All in all, I figured her loss was my gain, as my boyfriend is the sweetest, kindest partner I have ever had.

Today he is at work, but told me I could go into his place to hang out before he got off. I got on his laptop to watch some netflix, and found it open to facebook (yeah, he lives in the past a bit).

There was a chat box open with a woman’s name. It took me a minute, but I eventually recognized it was his ex-wife. My heckles were up, I’ll admit. For a horrible few seconds I thought my whole happy relationship was about to crumble. But then I read them.

She messaged first. She seemed frantic, maybe in the midst of a mental health crisis. She told him she desperately wanted him back, and claimed he is the only man who ever treated her with kindness. She was practically begging. And my boyfriend responded to her that he is in a happy relationship and he will not respond to any contact like that again (and I let out I sigh of relief).

But he went on to tell her that, while they will never be able to be friends, he did believe she is a good person. But her mental health issues make it impossible for her to form a stable and healthy relationship with others. He told her he hopes she can find therapy that works for her.

He told her that he never wants to know her again, but he does hope that she can eventually have a stable and happy life. But that it won’t happen until she confronts her troubles.

He ended by reiterating that he is in a relationship with someone he loves very much, and that he won’t ever respond to communication from her again. But he did wish her well.

He worded it a lot more eloquently than I am able to. But I was in tears at the bittersweet feeling. It reminds me of all the reasons I love him.

And if I were to ever speak to his ex, I would tell her that I am truly sorry for what she has to deal with. Part of me wanted to be angry that she would send a message to my boyfriend like that, but I really only feel sympathy. I’m sorry you are hurting and I am sorry for how it is affecting your life. I’m sorry it made you miss out on the wonderful relationship I have now.

I hope you can find your own one day, when you are healthy.

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