Sick Mom Is Desperate For Missing Luggage, Airline Worker Brings It To Her In Dark Of Night.

Sarah Rowan is a customer service agent at Southwest Airlines’ Pittsburgh office. One day she got a call from a frantic woman named Stacy Hurt, who had just arrived in Pittsburgh on a Southwest flight from Nashville. Stacey had switched to a direct flight to make it to her chemo appointment, but her luggage was still on her previously booked connecting flight, which went back to Nashville after mechanical issues prevented it from flying.

Stacy told Sarah she needed that luggage because it contained some things she needed for the chemo appointment the next morning, including medications. Sarah promised she would track Stacey’s luggage.

When it finally arrived at around 2 a.m., Sarah looked up Stacy’s address and took the luggage to her. The next morning, the luggage was on her front porch, with a note wishing her luck at the appointment, and telling her to “kick that cancer’s butt.”

Stacy was shocked… and teared up after reading the note. She was extremely appreciative that Sarah had gone out of her way to get her the luggage.

Stacy posted about the experience on Facebook, and made sure Sarah’s boss caught it.

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