Single Mom Caught Stealing Cake Mix For Her Son’s Birthday.

Officer Michael Kotsonis, a 19-year veteran of the Portsmouth Police Department in New Hampshire, was dispatched one day to deal with a shoplifter at Ocean State Job Lots. When he got there, he learned that the woman, who was able to flee, was identified by officials with the store.

The officer then drove to her home and found the items that had been stolen. They were cake mix, shortening and some cans of frosting. The unidentified woman had taken the items from the store to make a birthday cake for her son.

Well, officer Kotsonis was not about to destroy the boy’s birthday by dragging his mom to the police department. So he warned the woman that her actions were not right. He then wished the boy a happy birthday and drove back to the store. He used his own money to pay for the stolen items. Quite a good deed by the officer.

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