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‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Thinks Christine Is ‘Mocking Him’ With Her Recent Engagement.

It seems that sentiments are being jumbled in the Sister Wives universe. Christine Brown revealed her engagement to her new lover, David Woolley, earlier this week, and it seems that her ex, Kody Brown, isn’t taking it well. According to a source, Kody has strong views about the news, and he’s made it all about himself.

Christine and David announced to the public a few days ago that after a few months of dating, David proposed to her, and she enthusiastically accepted.

David treats her like a queen and tells her I’m beautiful every day, Christine said after her engagement was announced. She has never been in love like this before, and the world seems a brighter place with him in it.

Anyone who saw the last season of Sister Wives, which chronicled the collapse and dissolution of Kody and Christine’s marriage, will remember that Kody had some strange thoughts about what would occur if Christine met a new boyfriend. During one of the episodes, he warned her that he didn’t want her to marry someone who was simply in it to “steal his money.”

Given that chat, which occurred over a year ago, Kody’s apparent response to the engagement announcement is unsurprising.

A family member says Kody isn’t overjoyed for Christine.

“I’m not sure if he’s serious or joking, but Kody believes this is all a ruse to get David on a contract, so he and Christine are relevant,” a person who claimed to have spoken with Kody told.

He’s still upset with her. He’s still extremely furious with her, and he believes she purposefully pushed all the kids away from him.

So, not only does Kody believe this is a ruse, but he’s also obviously focused on why they got engaged.

He does feel like she’s one-upping him and mocking him, a source told. Kody believes this is all for publicity and to retaliate against him.

According to a source, Kody has been irritated by the attention Christine has received since announcing her breakup and beginning a relationship with David.

Kody has yet to meet David. David and Kody would get along just fine. They have very similar personalities and interests, a source told. They have large families and have been married for a long time, all while living life to the fullest.

I’m not sure whether the two should meet just yet, since Kody still appears to have mixed feelings about the entire thing. Christine’s fans, on the other hand, are overjoyed.

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