He Thought All Eyes Were On Injured Teammate, But Someone Snapped A Photo Of The Moment He Decided To Kneel And Pray.

The event occurred during a football game at Northeast Guilford High School. Grayson Bonomo was getting ready to punt, but the snap was too high. He attempted to gain the first down by moving towards the sideline, but a player from the opposing team collided with him. When the two players collided, Bonomo was knocked unconscious for a brief period.

Dillon Goedeck, Grayson’s teammate, went away from the rest of the squad to a location where he could be alone while medics worked on him. Dillon reflected on the fact that he was in shock that his best friend had been hurt. He takes a step back to gather himself, and then he go and kneels and prays—for his safety and health, and that he recovers quickly, he said.

While virtually all eyes were on Grayson Bonomo as he was attended to by emergency personnel, a parent in the stands snapped a photo of Dillon kneeling to pray. Colleen Siler, Grayson’s mother, shared the photo on the FOX8 Facebook page after getting it.

This image was taken at the North East Guilford football game, the Facebook post claimed. It was delivered to her when her kid was in the emergency room. Dillon, No. 5 Michael Goedeck was praying for her wounded kid, #38 Grayson Bonomo, throughout the game. Every parent should be proud of their children. She is not sure who took the shot, but she’d like to thank whoever did. This is newsworthy. This is how kids ought to deal with situations over which they have no control. Thank you once again.

She believes prayer works and understands why Dillon took his time asking God for help. Hundreds of thousands of people followed suit, Colleen Siler added. Grayson, her son, felt a wave of emotion when he realized his closest buddy was praying for him.

Thousands of people have liked and shared the photograph since it was uploaded. To say the least, support for the picture and its message has been overwhelming, with many social media users expressing they’d like to see more of this at school activities.

She wishes to thank everybody who has taken a minute to like or comment, Colleen Siler said after the outpouring of love. This was not something she anticipated to occur. God has blessed all with children. The way they manage their problems reveals the kind of men they will become. Dillon is someone she has known for a long time. It’s like a vast family with numerous arms reaching out to you. Grayson and Dillon’s relationship is a gift since they have been there for one other through many situations. She adores these two. She refers Dillion as her adopted child, just as his mother does to hers. Jennifer Welker Lipford should be pleased with her son. She did an excellent job parenting him.

More individuals like Dillon Goedeck are needed. When his buddy needed the power of prayer, this young guy was not hesitant to show it. His mother should be quite proud of herself for educating him about life, love, and God.

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