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Unfit Mother Records Live Video As She Celebrates Having Her Seven Kids Taken By CPS: “I Can Finally Live My Life”

Despite the lack of specifics, a video has gone viral on several social media sites due to its disturbing nature. In the video, a supposedly unfit mom, named only “Honey Rose,” tells how Child Protective Services (CPS) took her seven children from her house. Rather than being unhappy, she was enjoying the event and looking forward to having more time to celebrate.

The unfit mom wastes little time excitedly shouting, “They came and got them b*tches!” in reference to CPS taking her children from her house through live video streaming. “They gone, them b*tches gone,” she says. “All 7 of them!” she exclaims joyfully as she smokes and drinks. ”It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party,” she sings as she jiggles about on the sofa. Sadly, things only worsen from there.

“They took my kids!” the unfit mother shouts, simulating sobs, but they are tears of delight. “Those kids were bad as f*ck anyway,” she says, indicating she isn’t bothered in the least. Kids, f*ck them!” She declares that “it’s the happiest day” of her life, dispelling any question that she is in any way distressed.

“I should have photographed them m*therf*ckers as they walked out the door. I should have recorded,” Honey Rose adds, recounting the joyful event. As she seems to face criticism in the comments, she adds, “Y’all mad because I didn’t want my kids.” These m*therf*ckers sprang from inside me. I have the right to wish or get rid of ’em. And, m*therf*ckers, I got rid of them.”

Honey Rose goes on to claim that she had her kids taken on purpose. She knew what she was doing the whole time, claims the unfit mother. “I m*therf*cking went live and purposefully humiliated myself so y’all could call these folks, so they could come grab these ugly a** m*therf*cking kids, and guess what? It was successful. It didn’t even take them three weeks to come and retrieve them, m*therf*ckers!” she said.

“They came and got ’em, and now they’re gone, and I’m happy, n*gg*r.” I’m drinking something. I’m puffing on a cigarette! “Those kids are gone!” Unfortunately, not all of her viewers were repulsed. “Girl, how do I persuade them to come get mine?” Honey Rose says after receiving a message from a fellow watcher. “Inbox me,” says the unfit mother. “I’ll tell you how to get rid of those m*therf*ckers as soon as possible.”

As Honey Rose reads off names and asks, “How many you got?” and again adds, “Inbox me,” to those asking more details on how to have their own kids taken away, it’s alarming that it wasn’t just one person who chimed in. As some seem to question her sincerity, Honey Rose assures them that she is. “I don’t want them kids!” she yells.

She lets all know where her priorities are after mentioning a sex toy business. “I get to use my m*therf*cking toys without those kids trying to break down my door!” she exclaims as she continues to drink and smoke. After a few minutes of rejoicing with the repeated, “F*ck them kids,” the unfit mother says, “I’m living life ’cause they’re gone!”

She's Happy CPS Came Took Her Kids Away So She Can Finally Live Life

Dispicable Woman Says he's Happy CPS Came Took Her Kids Away So She Can Finally Live Life

Posted by Entertained on Saturday, 27 June 2020

Of course, several questioned the video’s veracity, with some claiming to know Honey Rose arguing it couldn’t be “true” since she only had one kid. Tommy Sotomayer, a radio and online talk show presenter, YouTube celebrity, and political pundit, tracked her down and offered her an opportunity to explain. Honey Rose’s “real story” is about as clear as mud after more than four hours and at least three separate films on Sotomayer’s programme.

Whatever Honey Rose attempted to say in her defence after the event, the video above tells most of us all we need to know about this mother. Having your children taken away since you’re found unsuitable isn’t an excuse to rejoice, not even humorously. It is, however, cause for celebration for the rest of us. This mother has no right to have children in her care, and we hope CPS continues to view it that way.

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