Sisters Give Birth On The Same Day – Then Father Makes A Shocking Discovery!.

Two young sisters turn into first time mother’s just hours away from each other in the same hospital when they went into labour on the very same day. Lauren Brennan, 20, had baby girl Sofia just hours after her younger sister Lily, 17, gave birth to Jaiden. The sisters from Bootle, Merseyside, were initially planned to be induced 12 days apart.

So as prearranged, Lauren went in to Liverpool Women’s Hospital on March 23. But Lily’s baby boy just couldn’t wait to meet his cousin and decided to come early, as she too went into labour on the same day. She gave birth in Liverpool Women’s Hospital at 12.19pm, just hours earlier her sister Lauren, who had her baby girl at 5.31pm.

Father and now grandpa Phillip Brennan, 47, said that he is over the moon. He said that he have been looking forward to being a grandpa for what feels like ages. Mr Brennan said he was caring when his daughters told him they were pregnant but said that Lily did try and have it a secret from him.

Mr Brennan said that Lauren was sat on the couch crying her eyes out when she told him and he just said that these things happen and this is not a reason to cry for. And then a couple of months later he knew about Lily, but she didn’t want to tell him.

Mr Brennan said on the day of the childbirths, Lily had gone to the hospice with Lauren as she ready to be induced. She left to go home and meet her friends but when she got home her waters broke. She was taken to hospital and mother Karen Kennedy, who was before now at hospital with Lauren, then had to divide her time between her two daughters. 

Lily gave birth to baby Jayden, who weigh up 7lbs 5oz and just five hours later Lauren greeted little Sophia, weighing 6lbs 14oz.

Talking about becoming a first-time mother, Lauren said that it is actually good and Sophia is in good health. She said that she was really shocked when Lily went into labour but her both the parents have both been a huge support.

Mr Brennan said that he is waiting until he can finally have his bed back as his daughters have been staying at the family home until they are settled. He is been on the couch but he is very much okay with it and enjoying it all.

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