Woman Hugs Her Dying Husband In The Hospital Then A Strange Thing Happen.

It’s always heartwarming to witness a father hugging his child. But witnessing Mark Aulger for the first time hug his baby child Savannah was very touching. That’s because it granted this father’s final request moments before he died. 

Mark Aulger died of pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 52. Diane, Mark’s wife, was pregnant with the couple’s fifth child at the same time. When the Aulger family of Texas found Mark had only a few months remaining on this planet, the news turned bittersweet. 

In 2011, the Aulger family celebrated Christmas together, believing Mark had overcome cancer. This Daddy was looking forward to having his newborn daughter in his arms in a year’s time. Mark was back in the hospital on January 3, 2012, fighting to breathe. Doctors discovered that his lungs had been destroyed by eight months of treatment. Mark was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. 

“We assumed he could live for years on steroid therapy and oxygen,” wife Diane Aulger recalled. However, by January 16, physicians predicted Mark had just approximately a week to live. The news came only a month prior Diane was supposed to give birth to Savannah. 

Mark had one final request before going home to live with the Lord. The Daddy desired to embrace his newborn daughter in his arms. Diane was resolved to fulfil her husband’s final desire. So, with the assistance of her physicians, she decided to induce labour two weeks early in order to make it happen! 

On January 18, medical personnel transferred Mark Aulger to a spacious birthing room. While Diane delivered their darling baby daughter two weeks early, he lay in his bed, attached to oxygen. Diane looked across at this Daddy cradling his newborn kid in a sweet and heartbreaking moment. 

She explained that his oxygen levels were quite high the day their angel was born. He clung to her for 45 minutes. All he and she did was cry the entire time. 

Mark Aulger found his healing in Heaven a few days later, on January 23rd. He was encircled by family members, including Savannah, who was in his arms. 

Doubtlessly Mark cherished Savannah profoundly. While his family must now move on without him, they may take solace in knowing that his final wish to hold his newborn girl in his arms was fulfilled. 

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